Tipton County Cemetery List

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Township Cemetery Location Maps
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Bethsaida Cemetery
On 350 S. between 500 W. and US 31

Brookside Cemetery
End of Cemetery St. in Windfall

Cook Cemetery
Approx. mi. East of 600 E. on 350 S.

Curtisville Cemetery
North side of Curtisville on 100 N.

Fairview Cemetery
West side of Tipton. At the end of W. South St.

Goar Cemetery
Appox. 1000 ft. west of 300 W. between 100 N. & 200 N.

Goodykoontz Cemetery
Corner of 500 S. and the viaduct road north of Atlanta

Hobbs Cemetery
Corner of 400 S. & 500 E.

Jackson Cemetery
400 N. just east of 550 W.

Kempton Cemetery
Just south of Division Rd. on 1125 W.

Liberty Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery is 1/4 mile North of Groomsville on Road 1000 West.

Mauldentown Cemetery
Between 400 W. & 500 W. on 100 S.

Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Just west of intersection of 800 E & 550 S.

Normanda Cemetery
mi. north of Division Rd. on 800 W. Access road is on west side of 800 W.

Richardson Cemetery
Richardson Cemetery is located in Section 6, Township 22North, Range 4East. Between Roads 550 North and 600 North.

Salem Cemetery
Between 650 N. & 700 N. on the east side of IN 213

Sandbank Cemetery
Approx. mi. east of 100 E. on 100 S. About 500 ft. north side of the road.

Sharp Cemetery
West side of 500 W. between 200 N & 300 N.

Sharpsville Cemetery

Small Cemetery
About 1000 ft. north of county line road mi. east of Ekin.

Stewart Cemetery
West side of woods at corner of Division Rd. & 500 W.

Sumner Cemetery
mi. north of Atlanta on 50 E. them approx. 1/3 mi. east on access road

Tetersburg Cemetery
Corner of 725W and highway 28 just north of the church.

Tucker Cemetery
Just south of highway 28 west of US 31 behing the Pink Flamingo motel.

Turner Cemetery
mi. east of state road 19 between 400 N. & 450 N.

Wheeler Cemetery
1500 ft. west of 400 E. on 650 N.

Wolford Cemetery
Just west of 725 W. about .2 mi. south of Goldsmith

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